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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there anything I have to do on my end?

When you purchase one of our website setups we do the entire setup process. This includes installing your website into your hosting account, adding all your business information, and setting up your email notifications. The only thing you will need to do on your end is provide us your login details for your hosting and domain providers.

Will my site rank automatically on Google?

No. Just by purchasing a website does not automatically mean it will be ranked. This is the case for any website provider. Ranking a website takes time and effort. There are several factors involved when ranking a site. However, you will be off to an incredible start with one of our website. The templates come pre-built with great content, powerful SEO tool, and great structure.

Is the website easy to edit?

Our websites are extremely easy to edit. Once you order your website you will receive access to training videos teaching you how to easily customize your website.

*Why do I need a domain and hosting?

Domain and hosting is something everyone needs in order to have your website live and online. The reason we require you to get your own hosting is because we do not provide the domain and hosting. The reason for this is to keep costs low and also so that you keep ownership of your own site. We will never hold your website hostage. If you need website hosting we recommend you get it from here: 

A2 Hosting – Most Reliable

Name Hero – Low Cost

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